How many are your real Social Media Followers?

Social Media Followers

The Social Media platform has shrunk the world. We have followers on every social media platform, be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Everywhere, we may have same or different followers. The million dollar question is are these followers REALLY following you? Are they able to see yours posts regularly? Are they engaging themselves on these posts? Are the followers aware of your brand and its offerings? What keeps them motivated to interact on our blogs?

Suppose a blog has 10K subscribers, not everyone are reading your blogs regularly. They might not even have noticed your recent blog. Then the 10K followers are mere numbers. Tracking down the real ‘followers’ is the next activity. Increasing followers does not do wonders if there is no real interaction happening.

How to increase ‘Mindful Followers‘ to your social media account?

As Laura rightly states in her blog, creating ‘mindful followers‘ is the need of the hour. There has been ways to buy followers earlier. Thanks to recent changes in social media policies, which has curbed to an extent the practice of buying followers. The fan base should not be just numbers. In a Social Media Marketing Plan, the focus should be on increasing target audience as followers.

‘You must know what your audience really wants’ shows different ways to get focused audience and interact on a regular basis.

Can you guess which one is the most successful for social media growth in the long run?

Sharing information that benefits others – INFORMERS, are the ones who win the social media follower race.

Building an organic follower base initially is easier said than done. Getting the first 1000 followers for each social media account differs. Each social media behaves differently and care has to be taken to achieve the right follower base.

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